Tales Of Demons And Gods

Tale of Demons and Gods (English);  妖神记 (Chinese); 妖神记(全彩; Yaoshenji; TDG; Yāo Shén Jì; Yêu Thần Ký (Vietnamese – Tiếng Việt – TV); Yao Shen Ji; Historier om Demoner og Guder (Bokmål); حكايا الشياطين والملوك (Arabic) Is a Famous Trending manga written by Mad Snail and published by Qidian.

Status :Ongoing

Genres : Action – Adventure – Comedy – Drama – Fantasy – Harem – Romance – Shounen – Manhua

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The Story : Nie Li, one of the strongest demons in his past life, died in a mortal battle. But his spirit returned by the time he was thirteen years old. Now he was the weakest in his class and the least talented, but with his extensive knowledge in his previous life, he began to train. To become stronger, to protect his city from the devastation he suffered in a previous life.